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Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

Certification: CE, ISO, SS

Wearing Parts: Molds, roller

Motor Choice: Electric or Diesel

Application: Make fuel pellets for stove, furnace and other heating equipments as well as commercial production.

The Handling Materials and Application of Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

Sawdust is also known as wood chips, which is the foam shaped objects fall down from the wood during the wood processing process. It can be used for the development of many products which are beneficial to people's daily production and life. Nowadays, many people have realized this point, and sawdust has been developed for a certain period. 

When sawdust is pressed into pellets, it can be used directly as a new kind of energy in power plant to replace coal. This greatly reduces the production cost, which has been recognized by more and more customers.

wood sawdust pellets

Introduction of Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill:

Wood sawdust pellet mill is also called wood sawdust fuel pellet mill or wood sawdust pellet making machine, which mainly takes the processing remainder of furniture factory or wood processing plant as the main raw materials, and the produced sawdust pellet can replace coal for combustion.

Vertical ring die wood pellet mill series

Requirements of Raw Materials:

1. Plant straw, grain shell, peanut sprout (shell), cotton straw, sawdust, branches, bark, bamboo powder, furfural (soy sauce, vinegar dregs (raw material mixed use), wood waste, forest residues, garbage and other materials can be pressed into blocks after crushing.

Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

2. The moisture content of raw material need to be controlled within 15%, the length of material should be kept within 10mm (the larger ones should be cut by the wood chipper), after drying, the material is suitable for the production of sawdust pellet fuel.

Wood Sawdust Pellet Making Machine Advantages:

1. It has effectively solved the difficult granulation problems and poor pressing effect of biomass fiber, which adopts high accuracy gear transmission of the main drive. The ring die adopts quick release type hoop, and the yield has been improved by 15% than the belt transmission.

Wood Sawdust Pellet Machine

2. It uses the international advanced manufacturing process, which can tailor high quality mold for various raw materials. It can make your equipment have long service life, improve the quality of the product and reduce the cost of ton consumption.

3. It has high degree of automation, and the material feeding quantity does not need manual control. It can be composed of crushing, drying, granulation, cooling, screening, packaging and computer controlled automatic production line. When the equipment was put on the market, it has been approved by the customers.

Production Process of Wood Sawdust Fuel Pellet Mill:

Raw material after drying by the dryer (water content is about 15%)→enter into the pellet machine→high pressure and high temperature, curing, stamping and molding→product cooling→bagging→out of factory.

Our Service Commitment:

Professional customer services: the training of installation, debugging and operation personnel.

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