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Rice Straw Pellet Mill

Rice Straw Pellet Mill

Voltage: 380V,50Hz

Type: Vertical ring die pellet mill

Working: 22 hours continue working

Final Pellets Length: 20-50mm (Adjustable)

Raw Materials: Rice straw, rice husk, hard wood, palm fiber, sawdust, alfalfa and other biomass

The Handling Materials and Application of Rice Straw Pellet Mill

Rice straw pellet mill is also called rice straw pellet fuel machine, which can press the dry straw into cigarette shaped straw or rod-shaped particles through physical pressing. The moisture content of rice straw must be below 25%. Green straw cannot be directly pressed.

 When the coal prices fluctuate, it has no risk and large profits to invest rice straw pellet making plant and other biomass pellet making equipment, and you must obtain unexpected returns!

Rice Straw Pellet Machine

Applied Materials of Rice Straw Pellet Mill:

In addition to process the ordinary straw, rice straw pellet mill also can suppress crop straw, such as corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalk, furniture factory waste, rice husk, peanut shell, palm, coconut shells, melon seed shell, grass and other materials. There are many other raw materials it can process, if you want to know the details, please contact our professional customer service!

Rice Straw Rice Straw Pellets

Rice Straw Pellet Fuel Machine Production Process:

Cut the straw or hay into 30 mm segments, control the moisture content within the range of 15~25%. Transfer the materials into the spiral feeding device via the conveyor, and then the screw feeding machine strengthens the material into the feeding port of rice straw pellet machine.

Rice Straw Pellet Mill

 Finally, the material is forced to be extruded from the die after molding, which can be made into various different shapes. After cooling (the moisture content is not more than 14%), it can move to the packaging process.

Rice Straw Pellet Making Plant Advantages:

1. High efficiency.

It adopts the gear transmission system, which has ideal transmission ratio, large driving torque and stable transmission;
It has the preparation of ring die with multi aperture and thickness betweenΦ6~Φ10, customers can choose the suitable one according to different needs, in order to obtain the best technical and economic benefits.

2. Intelligent.

It adopts advanced frequency conversion motor to feed, which is also provided with an overload protection device as well as a magnetic sheet iron removing device;
High yield, low noise, convenient operation and repair.

3. Quality assurance.

We will arrange related personnel to guide the troubleshooting, debugging and repair and other specialized training for customers. During the production process of the pellet mill, we will do regular visit to customers for feedback and improvement, and we will also consult the user on the quality of products, the production conditions and other various aspects of the equipment, so as to strive to make the comprehensive performance and further improvement of the product quality

Technical Data

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