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Rice Husk Pellet Mill

Rice Husk Pellet Mill

Warranty: 1 year

Capacity: 1-12TPH

Brand Name: Fote

Pellet Size: 6/8/10/12mm

Pelletizing Tempreture: 80-100℃

Density of Pellets: 1.6g/cm3 Adjustable

The Handling Materials and Application of Rice Husk Pellet Mill

Rice husk is the outer shell of rice, which can be used to make soy sauce, wine and power. In daily production, rice husk is basically treated as agricultural waste to be discarded or combustion, which has low utilization rate. Rice husk pellet mill is also known as rice husk pellet machine or rice husk pellet processing plant, which is the specially developed equipment used for pressing the rice hull into particles. 

It is suitable for the raw materials with 15-20% water content. Rice husk pellet machine can be divided into two kinds, one is the high efficiency and environmental protection centrifugal ring die pellet machine, one is flat die pellet machine, of which the centrifugal ring die pellet machine is our core product, which is specifically designed for rice husk, and it is strongly recommended to use.

Rice Husks Rice Husk Pellets

Rice Husk Pellet Machine Features:

1. Vertical ring die rice husk pellet mill can realize one-time compression and molding of material without adding any other materials. The single machine has multiple functions, as long as the change of mould, granulator or rods making can be done.

2. The shell of the machine is cast of nodular iron, which has high strength, good stability, not easy to deformation. It not only can improve the precision of the machine, but also can prolong the service life of the bearing. The granulating chamber is equipped with an observation door, which can check and repair the equipment at any time.

3. The motor adopts energy saving and environmental protection motor and the voltage starting control cabinet, which have small starting current and low power consumption.

Rice Husk Pellet Machine

4. As the roller diameter increases, the high temperature produced by extrusion is not easy to enter the bearing chamber. When the bearing is working at a low temperature, the pressing roller is fully sealed, which can eliminate dust phenomenon, so as to ensure that the oil does not overflow.

Rice Husk Pellet Mill

5. The latest automatic cooling technology effectively enhances the discharging speed of the ring die, improves production capacity of 10%, extends the service life of ring die and reduces the production cost of 20%.

Production Process of Rice Husk Pellet Processing Plant:

Raw material crushing→raw material screening→raw material drying→conveying, stirring, mixing, homogenizing→particle forming→cooling→screening→metering→packaging→inspection and warehousing→finished product
In the whole process, customers can choose the suitable combination according to the actual production situations.

Technical Data

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