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Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

Feeding Size: 3-5mm

Moisture Content: 10-15%

Density of Pellets: 1.0g/m3

Pellet Specifications: 2-12mm

Application: Make pellets from light substance, such as peanut shell, wood chips, sawdust, straw, pasture, chrysanthemum, palm leaf and so on

The Handling Materials and Application of Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

Peanut shell is usually treated as garbage or just burned in the countryside, which has not fully utilized. If it goes through the scientific treatment, peanut shell will bring more revenue.

Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

 For example, the peanut shell can be pressed into pellet fuel. Peanut shell pellet mill can put the peanut shell and other kinds of agriculture and forestry waste into biomass pellet fuel to improve the energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution. The machine is firm and durable, safe and reliable, which has reasonable structure, easy installation, convenient operation and small shock, and it is applicable for the simple use of fuel factory or other supporting uses.

Cotton stalks , Soybean stem

Peanut Shell Peanut Shell Pellets

Usage and Features:

Pellet machine for peanut shell can press various agricultural waste materials, such as sorghum straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut sprout, sweet potato sprout, peanut shell and dry weeds into pellet fuel. It is widely used in the field of heating, heating and power generation: first of all, it can be processed into charcoal stick or wood charcoal block through further carbonization, which can be used as a civilian barbecue charcoal or industrial charcoal; secondly, it can be directly burnt as fuel, which can be used for family or greenhouse heating.

Peanut Shell Pellet Machine

Structure and Working Principle:

The shell of peanut shell pellet mill uses high quality materials to weld; the feeding inlet is on the top of the mill, which can be matched with various forms of feeding structure. The hammer is arranged symmetrically. When the pellet mill is working, the material enters into the crushing chamber, with the striking of high speed rotating hammer and the friction of the sieve plate, the material is crushed gradually. With the role of the centrifugal force and air flow, the materials will be discharged through the outlet on the bottom of the machine.

Characteristics of Peanut Shell Pellet Making Machine:

1. It has wide application ranges of materials: include wood chips, wood shavings, branches, and various crop straw, corn stalk, cotton stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, sweet potato vine, straw, etc.

2. It has the advantages of small power consumption and high yield. The produced particles do not change their colors. The pellet mill has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, only one person can operate. The raw material has wide working range, which is not affected by the length limit, and the particle size has adjustable length.
3. It has wide application scope. It can be applied to crop straw pulverizing and processing, which is the ideal processing equipment of charcoal factory and straw fuel plant. It has wide applications in the pellet fuel plants, new environmental protection building materials, biomass power generation and other fields.

Technical Data

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