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High Efficiency Concentrator

High Efficiency Concentrator

Total Weight: 1.8–204.6t

Charge Amount: 1.8-204.6t

Processing Ability: 5.6–6250t/d

Applied Mterial: Slime, waste water, waste slag, etc.

Application Range: Metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, nonmetal ore dressing, environment protection, etc.

The Handling Materials and Application of High Efficiency Concentrator

High efficiency concentrator is suitable for dewatering treatment of concentrate and tailings on ore dressing plants, which can increase the 20-30% slurry to about 40-70%. High efficiency concentrator is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. It is not the simple settlement equipment, but a new type of dewatering equipment which has mud layer filtration characteristics.

High Efficiency Concentrator

The Features of High Efficiency Thickner:

1. Add the flocculant and increase the sedimentation particle size, thus speeding up the settling velocity;
2. The installation of inclined plate has shortened the settling distance between mineral particles and increased the settlement area;
3. It can make the most of the flocculation, filtering, compression and the improvement of processing amount functions of mud deposited thick layer;
4. It is equipped with the complete automatic control facilities.

The Application Fields of High Efficiency Concentrator:

High efficiency concentrator is widely used for processing slime, waste water and waste residue in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, building materials industry, environmental protection and other departments. It can improve the utilization rate of return water and bottom flow concentration, which also has important significance for environmental protection.

Technical Data

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