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Corn Stover Pellet Mill

Corn Stover Pellet Mill

Warranty: 1 year

Capacity: 1-12TPH

Pellet Size: 6/8/10/12mm

Usage: Farm use and home use

Material Moisture: 15-30%

Main Features: Adjustable density, easy operation, high efficient, automatic constant temperature, etc.

The Handling Materials and Application of Corn Stover Pellet Mill

In the past, straw burning has been a major source that plagued atmospheric environmental pollution problems. However, the emergence of corn stover pellet mill can solve this problem. China is a large agricultural country, which has rich straw resources with large quantity and convenient collection. Therefore, the implementation of conversion and utilization will be the development trend of corn stover in the future.

Corn Stover and Its Pellets

Introduction of Corn Stover Pellet Mill:

Corn stover pellet mill can process rice husk, crop straw, bark and other biomass materials into high density particles through curing and forming processes, and granulating requirements of raw material moisture content is below 20%. If the moisture content of raw material is too high, you can firstly choose the drying equipment for drying before granulating. The finished corn stover particles can replace coal, oil, natural gas and other fuels, which not only can save energy and reduce the emission, but also has good economic and social benefits. Corn stover pellet mill also can be called corn stover pelleting machine or corn stover pellet making machine.

Corn Stover Pellet Mill

Corn Stover Pellet Mill

Working Process:

Raw material collection → raw material crushing→ raw material drying→ granulation molding →bagging for sale
According to different crop harvest period, it should timely store a large number of raw materials, and then for grinding and molding. You should not put the finished product into bag instantly, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it should be cooled after 40 minutes, and then bagging for transport.


1. High productivity, low price, low power consumption: per hour capacity is 300 - 500 kg with only 11 KW power motor.
2. Strong adaptability to the materials: it can be adapted to a variety of biomass raw materials, the straw from the powder to the length of 50mm with 5--30% water content can be processed.

3. Specially press straw particles. There are many machines can press straw pellet, however, the centrifugal high efficiency ring die corn stover pellet mill is specially designed for pressing stover particles, which is currently the most stable corn stover pellet machine.

4. Simple operation and convenient use: high degree of automation, less labor, only 3 people can manage it. Either artificial feeding or automatic feeding conveyor is available, which can save manpower cost.

5. Advanced electric heating function: automatic electric heating device can adjust the humidity, of materials to solve the blocking and forming difficulty phenomena.

Technical Data

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