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Coconut Shell Pellet Mill

Coconut Shell Pellet Mill

Forming Degree: 98%

Mould Material: Alloy steel

Finial Pellet Length: 5-50mm

Application: Coconut Shell Pellet Mill Is Used For Pelletizing Wood Chips, Sawdust, Straw, Alfalfa, Cotton Stalk, Rice Straw, Grass, etc.

The Handling Materials and Application of Coconut Shell Pellet Mill

Every day, many fruit processing plants have generated large amount of coconut shell waste, which not only occupies a lot of space, but also results in the waste of resources. The use of coconut shell pellet machine can make coconut shell into pellet fuel to waste to treasure, which can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

 As a new type of fuel, coconut shell pellet wins wide recognition with its unique advantages. Compared with the traditional fuel, it not only has the economic and environmental benefits, but also completely meets the requirement of sustainable development.

Item Coconut Shell Coconut Shell Pellets
Moisture 15% 5-7%
Ash Content 4-5% 7-9%
Calorific Value 3500-4000kcal/kg 6500-8000kcal/kg

Applied Materials:

Crop straw, sawdust, wood shavings, furfural residue, bagasse, coconut shell, peanut shell, fuel wood, twigs, leaves, rice husk, wheat bran, wood scraps, bamboo, etc.

Coconut Shell Pellet Mill Advantages:

1. Because the finished product is in pellet shape and compressed volume, so it saves storage space, which is convenient for transportation, thereby reducing the transportation cost.

2. The combustion efficiency is high, easy to burn, the less carbon residue. Compared with coal, its volatile matter content is high, ignition point is low, which is easy to light; the density increases, high energy density, the combustion duration has been increased significantly, which can be directly applied in coal fired boiler.

 Coconut Shell  Coconut Shell Pellets

3. In the combustion of coconut shell particles, the harmful gas content is extremely low with less harmful gas emissions, which has environmental benefits. The ash after burning can also be used directly as fertilizer, which not only protects the environment, but also realizes the effective utilization of resources.

Coconut Shell Pellet Machine Manufacturer:

Fote coconut shell pellet machine is specifically designed and produced for the waste coconut shell, which can press coconut shell into biomass solid fuel, thus improving the utilization rate of resources. It can reduce the environmental pollution and emissions, which is a new generation of green products. Fote Machinery always adheres to technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and service innovation, and we have been vigorously promoted the quality of products and the internationalization to build brand image. Fote coconut shell pellet machine is cheap with high utility, which is the best choice to invest in biomass fuel processing equipment!

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