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Bagasse Pellet Mill

Bagasse Pellet Mill

Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Certificate: CE, ISO9001

Design: Rotary Die, Flat Die

Pellet Size: The length and diameter of pellets are adjustable

Application Range: Producing wood pellets, sawdust pellets, straw pellets, log pellets and other agriculture wastes pellets.

The Handling Materials and Application of Bagasse Pellet Mill

Bagasse is the main by-product of cane sugar. Bagasse is rich in fiber and less in ash, which is a kind of clean, high-quality and sustainable biomass energy.

 In addition to meeting the energy needs of the sugar production plants, there are a large number of surplus bagasse, which can provide energy for sugar production as boiler fuel. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of bagasse is an important link for the sugar enterprises to develop circular economy, improve the economic efficiency and realize the sustainable development of cane sugar industry.

Bagasse Bagasse Pellets
 Bagasse  Bagasse Pellets

Introduction of Bagasse Pellet Mill:

Bagasse pellet mill can process bagasse into a certain size, by compressing and heating methods, the original amorphous and dispersed material is compressed into a regular shape, which is made into solid pellet with large density. After drying, compression and molding, its density, durability and combustion characteristics have been a qualitative improvement, which greatly improves the grade of bagasse, and it also becomes convenient for transportation and storage. Bagasse pellet mill also can be called waste sugar bagasse pellet machine.

Bagasse Pellet Mill Machine

The Applications of Bagasse Pellet:

1. Replace the firewood for open, stop and raising of boiler furnace in sugar plants, in order to solve the bagasse surplus problem and the contradiction for the large scale burning of firewood;

2. Solve the energy problems for local residents. Bagasse after solidifying is convenient for transportation and storage, so it can be supplied to local residents and cane growers. The pellet fuel not only can meet their daily energy demand, but also can reduce the amount of firewood cutting, so as to protect the local ecological environment.

Production Process:

The bagasse after crushing and pressing of sugarcane can realize dry compression and molding without crushing.
Bagasse pellet making process: bagasse→ drying→ compression and molding.

The Advantages of Bagasse Pellet Plant:

1. Wide material source: crop straw, dry leaves, sawdust, weeds and other combustible agricultural waste can become its raw materials.

2. The cost price is low: low cost of raw materials, small investment of the equipment, the operation is simple. The idle human labor in rural areas after simple training can operate the equipment, the human labor cost is very low.
3. Wide application ranges: bagasse brick and bagasse particles are easy to use, the family unit is also applicable; the burning effect is good, which can meet the cooking, heating, bathing needs, especially the necessities for biomass power plant.

4. Environmental benefits: it turns waste into treasure, namely increases the income of farmers, but also protects the environment, solves the bagasse disposal problem of the governments at all levels, which has won the national policy support!

5. Rich return of the investment: when coal prices fluctuate, invest and set up factories for producing bagasse pellet fuel has no risk and high profit, and there will be an unexpected effect.

Technical Data

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